The timeline of the world as defined in our game of Microscope

The First Age of Magic ○ Edit

An idealised golden age in which the knowledge and use of magic was everywhere. A mostly secular era where religion is almost unknown, with the notable exception of the Dragon Cult

The First Fall of Magic ● Edit

The Last Dragon Leaves ● Edit

The last of the known dragonkind departs the world.

The Dragon Cult Purge ● Edit

Citizens kill cult members and their families in the ruins of an ancient city. In response the Dragon Cult moves underground

The Post-Magic Dark Age ● Edit

The Temple of Chandria is built in Chandor ○ Edit

Magus attempts to conquer Chandor ● Edit

What is the defence of the town like? Swords, General Anu is killed by Chandori soldiers which sparks the battle ○ Edit

The Founding of Thipbalene ○ Edit

The Dragon Cult influence the government and leaders ○ Edit

The School of Draconic Philosophy founded by Robyn Pertolmere ○ Edit

Archaeologists find a Dragon Skill and display it in the School ○ Edit

Thipbalene conquers their continent using magic to suprese towns until they give up ● Edit

Economic Rise of Chandor as a trade city ○ Edit

Large sculpture of Mother Chandria and her Children in city square ○ Edit

Slave trade booms in Chandor ● Edit

Era of Magical Authoritarianism ● Edit

Second Church of Chandor founded ● Edit

Anti-Magic Religious Extremists

Search for Dragonic Artefacts drives colonial expansion ● Edit

Rise of Black Market driven by Draconic Artefacts ● Edit

Age of Modern Science, Expansion and Development ○ Edit

The Chandor Republic becomes dominant economic force in the world ○ Edit

The Magic Cold War ● Edit

A Resurgent Maganist Church powers Talumer propaganda ○ Edit

The Dragon Cult infiltrates governments, performs mass ritual to summon Dragons ○ Edit

How are the Dragons summoned? Blood sacrifice. Chandori and Talumer generals and a priest meet to discuss details of the ritual ● Edit

The Dragons Return ○ Edit

Humanity is Destroyed by Magic ● Edit