For Cosmogony to work, some ground rules should probably be laid out. These are not carved in stone and, just like the rest of the project, can and should be changed as it goes on, but here are three basics.

1. Cosmogony is (a very private) public domain Edit

Once you contribute something to the project it ceases to be "yours". Obviously you should take credit for the original idea, but similarly others should not feel hesitant about making alterations to fit it into the larger world of Cosmogony. Indeed, our greatest source of inspiration should be each other, and making all the jigsaw pieces fit together into a coherent world is going to require some snipping and gluing at the edges.

2. Adhere to the spirit of the contribution Edit

While you should feel free to add to and change things that others had added to the project, it is important to stay true to whatever contribution you are tampering with. If someone has stated that "The Shah of Alpha Centauri had conquered the sector by the age of sixteen" don't edit that do "The Shah of Alpha Centauri died a sickly infant", on the other hand "The Shah of Alpha Centauri had conquered the sector by the age of sixteen, with his friend and greatest warrior Farvardin by his side" is fine, if you want to add a mighty Centaurian hero to the mix, if someone else then wants to add "...Farvardin by his side, who many whispered was the Shah's half-brother" even better!

3. Connect everything (and stick your fingers in other people's pie!) Edit

There is a very real danger of contributions to this project all existing in their own little bubbles where one person works exclusively on their pet project country and another makes an isolated and intricate history of their favourite religion. Whenever you're considering starting a new page on the wiki, rather than always going back to your own work, instead try to springboard of someone else's, and if you can then make it link back to your own content, well that's just gravy!