Jendra is the eldest child of Mother Chandria. She is the goddess of warfare, childbirth and storytelling. She is usually depicted wielding a two handed longsword with one hand, holding a bundle of dried motherwort in the other.

The Book of Jendra Edit

The Book of Jendra records the stories of Mother Chandria and Her Children, including some tales from before Jendra was born. The book is considered simultaneously a religious text and a source for early Chandorian history.

Soldier's superstitions about Jendra Edit

As the goddess of warfare, Jenrda is simultaneously venerated and feared by soldiers, depending if they believe her to be on their side or not. There are several military superstitions designed to discover if a soldiers cause is favoured, or to persuade Jendra to lend her support in a fight.

The Scroll of Battles Edit

Jendra is said to have recoded the result of all past and future battles on a single scroll she keeps within the hilt of her sword. Soldiers will often claim to "rewrite Jendra's scroll" when they seek to win a fight against heavy odds.

Scent offerings Edit

To mask the smell of blood on her clothing and armour, Jendra is said to particularly favour scent based offerings. Before leaving for war, soldiers will burn fragrant spices, flowers or herbs as an offering, letting the smoke from the fire bless their weapons and armour. During battles, soldiers will often seek out fragrant local flowers and herbs to tuck into their armour as protection.